Summer California Rose Wreath in Gray

Summer California Rose Wreath in Gray


Summer California Rose Wreath in Gray. Part of a series of mineral pigment relief prints capturing the seasonal story of the California Rose.

Rosa californica, the California Rose transforms through the seasons with rose buds in Spring, giving way to fragrant blooms in Summer, that become rose hips come Autumn, and by Winter branches are bare, covered only in withering hips awaiting the return of Spring.

A small-batch edition of warm gray printing ink that is hand made with organic flax seed oil and natural mineral pigments of grape vine charcoal, lapiz lazuli, and titanium chalk. Printed by hand with cotton paper on an antique printing press. Original ink + pen illustrations by Justina Freel made into photopolymer plate. Each print is visually unique and printed in limited editions.


Paper: Crane's Lettra 110# Pearl White Cotton

Pigment: Lapiz Lazuli, Grape Vine Charcoal, Titanium Chalk

Plate: Photopolymer

Press: 1936 Vandercook No. 4 Proving Press

Size: 16" H x 16" W



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