Gooseberries & Toyon

Gooseberries & Toyon


A contrasting story of the Fuchsia Flowering Gooseberry in Spring with the Cedar waxwing birds as they collect unripe Toyon berries in the Autumn. Layers of hand cut paper silhouettes made of hand printed textile paper.

This diptych of four hand cut paper silhouettes explores the relationships of bird life with plants as they fruit and flower. When light is cast upon the silhouettes it creates a subtle shadow of form and textile texture thats speaks to the ephemeral nature of plants and seasons.

Made from thick paper that is hand pressed with a textile leaving behind the impression of every thread. Each textile paper is cut by hand with thousands of craft knife blades that dull quickly under the strong fibers of the heavy paper. Each paper silhouette is mounted to a sheet of museum glass that is separated by spacers in the frame that create depth and shadow. Frames are custom made with glass and wood. All pieces are hand cut by artist Justina Freel from her own original illustrations.


Frame: Bleached Walnut wood

Glass: Museum UV glass

Paper: Textile Pressed - French paper

Size: Two frames at 32.5" H x 30.5" W each

Shipping: The cost of shipping not included in the price of the art. Professional art movers & transportation services will be contracted to prepare and ship the art to your destination with the utmost care and detail. All costs of packaging and shipping the art are paid by the purchaser. 

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