Seasons of the California Rose

Hand Cut Paper Silhouettes

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Spring & Summer California Rose Wreath Paper Silhouettes

Freel Sep 21 2017f.jpg

Autumn & Winter California Rose Wreath Paper Silhouettes

The seasonal story of the California Rose expressed through hand cut paper silhouettes made of hand printed textile paper.

Rosa californica, the California Rose transforms through the seasons with rose buds in Spring, giving way to fragrant blooms in Summer, that become rose hips come Autumn, and by Winter branches are bare, covered only in withering hips awaiting the return of Spring. 

This diptych of four hand cut paper silhouettes explores the relationships of natural forms as they change through the seasons. The layering of Spring with Summer, and Autumn with Winter show a visual passage of time as their silhouettes decay and grow. When light is cast upon the silhouettes it creates a subtle shadow of form and textile texture thats speaks to the ephemeral nature of plants and seasons.

Made from thick cotton paper that is hand pressed with a textile leaving behind the impression of every thread. Each textile paper is cut by hand with thousands of craft knife blades that dull quickly under the strong fibers of the heavy cotton paper. Each paper silhouette is mounted to a sheet of museum glass that is separated by spacers in the frame that create depth and shadow. Frames are custom made painted wood. All pieces are hand cut by artist Justina Freel from her own original illustrations.


Frame: Poplar wood hand painted with gold paint

Glass: Museum UV glass

Paper: Textile Pressed - Crane's Lettra 110# Pearl White Cotton

Size: Two frames at 30" H x 30" W

Available by custom commission.

If you are interested in custom artwork, please follow the link below.