California Coastal
Wildflower Bouquet

Hand cut paper silhouette

Freel Oct 25 2017high.jpg

A seasonal story of walking through a California coastal meadow, picking flowers along the way to form a bouquet made from layers of hand cut textile debossed paper. 

The bouquet of California native plants includes Apache Plume, Brodiaea, California wild rose, Melic Grass, Mountin Mint, Silver Bush Lupine, Wooly Blue Curls, and Yarrow all tied together with a California coastal Morning Glory vine. 

Made from thick paper that is hand pressed with a textile leaving behind the impression of every thread. Each textile paper is cut by hand with thousands of craft knife blades that dull quickly under the strong fibers of the heavy paper. Each composition has layers of paper silhouettes that are mounted to a sheet of museum glass that is separated by spacers in the frame to create depth and shadow. The frames is a custom made bleached walnut wood finished with organic bees wax. All pieces are hand cut by artist Justina Freel from her own original illustrations.


Frame: Bees wax finished bleached Walnut wood

Glass: Museum UV Plexiglass

Paper: Various colors of French paper produced with 100% hydroelectric power

Size: 54" H x 42" W

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Available by bespoke custom commission
in custom composition, paper color, textiles, and framing.

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